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Saudi Prodex

After the success of the first Media production festival in the Edition from 8-10 May 2017, during which he was able to gather the GCC countries, the official and private channels and the stars of art in a huge ceremony attended by a large group of officials and artists in the Gulf in one place and the participation of 50 companies Production, channels and satellite broadcasting, in the presence of more than ten thousand visitors with special hosting to the State of Kuwait , The most important goals of the first festival was to achieve the Vision 2030 economic Which has been very interested in investment in the media, artistic, cultural and entertainment, and has given him a lot of support and this aspect is one of the most important aspects of the program of quality of life 2020, which depends on six indicators, including heritage, culture and entertainment, which relate to the lifestyle of citizens and residents.
One of the most important events held discussions on the issues of production and impediments .
Its importance in investment, economy and the challenges of television, theater, film production and joint production .

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