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Media Production Forum

The local artistic production community did not comprehend the establishment of a productive forum until it became a reality on the ground. The forum, which was held in Dammam between May 8-10, constituted a turning point for the establishment of a new climate for the production space, not only local but also Gulf, given that the first objective of the forum was "investment", but not only in the material sense - where the forum witnessed the signing of contracts and deals among many producers—but also investing in Saudi youth; In the production forum, creative talents met with production institutions, in an artistic and economic climate that we desperately need, as confirmed by the dialogue evenings accompanying the forum, and also as announced by the honored stars. In the forum, there is a consensus on the importance of this initiative, which is behind the forum’s president, Abeer Jleih, who announced that the forum’s goal is “to have a stable platform that brings together experts in the audio-visual content industry and opens the way for markets inside and outside the Kingdom for Saudi youth to invest in and engage in these markets professionally.”

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